Miss American Angus Guidelines

Along with the general etiquette and guidelines found below, Candidates are strongly encouraged to read the Miss American Angus Committee Guidelines. Subjects to focus on include: Elements of the Contest, Required Activities for Miss American Angus and Schedule for Weekend of Contest.

Royalty Etiquette

General Show Ring Etiquette & Guidelines for State Angus Queens and Princesses

The Eastern Regional, Atlantic National and National Junior Angus Shows are just around the corner and many of you, as your state queen or princess, will have the opportunity to assist the current reigning Miss American Angus with the presentation of ribbons during these shows. Over the years, our committee has received several calls and emails addressing the issue of what each of you should wear while working in the ring. For this reason, we have put together the following information as a guide for each of you. If you are not currently serving as your state's ambassador, please pass this information to the correct person.

For many of you, this is the first opportunity that you will have to assist with a show of this size. Miss American Angus will be presenting ribbons each day at the Regional, National, and Roll of Victory shows and she greatly welcomes any help that you can give her in assisting with the presentation of awards. You are not limited to how many days that you may work, bring outfits for several days if you would like, to assist when you are not showing or participating in other activities.

When working the ring at a regional, national, or Roll of Victory show, you will want to dress up more than if you were at a state show. Please follow these guidelines when selecting your outfits:

  1. Keep in mind that the latest fad is not always the most appropriate attire to wear in the ring. Outfits with class, tailoring, and elegance will render the most positive impression.
  2. Dresses, skirts and blouses, or dress pants are required and solid colors are recommended. Only black jeans with western boots are allowed.
  3. Hose or tights are required when wearing a skirt or dress.
  4. It is required that dresses and skirts must be to the knee or longer.
  5. Shoes with an elevated heel make a nice presentation when wearing skirts, dresses and dress pants. Pumps with a bulky heel are most appropriate for comfort and safety. Avoid shoes with a high or narrow heel that would make walking in the ring difficult and dangerous. Sandals and open toed shoes of any type may not be worn. Cowboy boots with skirts are not allowed and riding boots should only be worn in the winter/colder months.
  6. A dark colored shoe will hide dirt and manure and it is strongly suggested that white shoes not be worn in the ring.
  7. The official colors of the American Angus Association are red, black and white. Miss American Angus will always be wearing clothing coordinated around these colors. It is not required that you wear attire in these colors it but may be something that you may want to keep in mind.
  8. Always wear your state banner and your crown. A contrast color for your outfit, that will help showcase your banner, is attractive.
  9. Tank tops, spaghetti straps, bright neon colors, or bold/busy prints, are unacceptable. These styles are inappropriate for the show ring and backdrop photos.

Show Day Duties

Start of the Show
If you are able to help set-up for the show that day, please arrive early (30 minutes to 1 hour before show time - depending on the size of the show and the amount of awards) to assist in setting out ribbons and trophies. Please be aware of the awards arrangements.

Let the show management know you are present and will be assisting Miss American Angus. Give them your name/hometown and state you are representing so the show announcer can introduce you at appropriate times.

State Queen Assistance
These events have a large contingency of state royalty; please rotate who presents what so each queen/princess has the opportunity to participate.

When in doubt as to procedures, please ask Miss American Angus for assistance.

In the Ring
This section addresses guidelines for the time you are actually in the gin. The current reigning Miss American Angus will instruct each of you on what she will need help with and also show you how to present your award.

  1. Always Smile. Eyes are on you at all times. Whether waiting on a class to be judged or if you are posing for a picture, have your best smile on.
  2. Sit up straight and pay attention toward the class in the ring.
  3. Do not cross your legs when wearing a shorter skirt. Instead, keep both knees and ankles together and both feet on the ground or your legs at an angle with your ankles crossed. This is also a good suggestion even if wearing slacks.
  4. No gum.
  5. No eating in the ring (take a few minutes and eat behind the scenes).
  6. Sit with all the royalty in the designated area in the show ring.
  7. Have your own show program so that you may follow along with the procedure of the show. This way you will always know what class or championship will be coming in the ring next.
  8. Remember that while you are in the ring, all eyes are upon you and others see all of your actions. Remember too, that while you are in the ring, you are also representing your state.
  9. Use your time wisely while working the ring. Be sure you have your awards ready and in hand once the judge goes to the microphone. You surely do not want any delay in the show due to having to wait on the royalty to present awards.
  10. Be attentive to the judge as he talks the class and be congratulatory to each of the show persons as they receive their award.
  11. As you are collecting and presenting your awards, be conscientious of other dignitaries sitting at ringside or working the ring. Avoid walking in front of these people as they watch the show and carry on their responsibilities. Be as discrete as possible when carrying out your duties.
  12. When being introduced, please stand up fully/straight, turn toward the audience, smile/wave (raise your hand to at least shoulder height - no hip height waves please) and wave/acknowledge the introduction.

Queen's Events
The Eastern Regional and the National Junior Shows will both have a planned event for the state queens. Invitations for these events are handled by the events committees. In the event that you do not receive information by mail, we have included specifics on each event along with a contact person.

Eastern Regionals
Event: Queen's Brunch
Date/Time: TBA
RSVP by:
Suggested attire:
For more show information, visit the NJAA Web site.

National Junior Show
Event: Queen's Tea
RSVP by:
Date/Time: TBA
Contact person:
Suggested attire:


Certainly it is obvious that your image is cast in stone" when a picture is taken of a winning animal, its exhibitor and you! Throughout your year you will have many pictures taken in the show ring, at special occasions and at award presentations. Therefore, it is important that the picture be the best that it can be.

For official show pictures, it is the responsibility for Miss American Angus to present the award. Some instances will arise when a sponsor would like to present the award, however, Miss American Angus should always be in the picture. Most often it is best to stand at the tail end or head of the animal so that the animal does not see you. This way you can hold the banner or award so that it is visible for the photo. You should hold the award or banner in front of your mid-section or to your side, depending on the size of the award. With banners and some ribbons, you must be extremely careful not to spook the animal. Keep in mind that you are a pro at this and for those spectators rushing in to be in the photo, they should fit in by the showperson or on either side of you. It is important for you to find your spot first and be easily seen in the photo. Miss American Angus should always be holding at least one of the awards.

When handing out ribbons to individual classes, two state queens/princesses can assist. For division champion and overall champion presentations and pictures, Miss American Angus should always be in the photo. State Queens/princesses should rotate for these photos. Only one state queen (preferably the host state queen) should join Miss American Angus for the overall champion photo/presentation.

The most flattering stance for any picture is a "present position" with your body turned slightly to an angle (this pose is thinning) with the ribbon, banner or trophy should be held straight toward the camera. With silver trays, be aware of the glare that they may give off. It is best to hold silver trays toward the camera but angle towards the ground. Practice your posture in a mirror until you are comfortable with your stance. When your pictures are printed in the Angus publications, you will be proud of your appearance.

Enjoy the experience!

For questions, feel free to contact a member of the Miss American Angus Committee.
For more information on Royal Etiquette Guidelines, please go to angusauxiliary.com.