Crystal, Grote, Spader & Black Kettle Awards

The American Angus Auxiliary strongly believes in the importance of the educational contests at the National Junior Angus Show. To promote and support these contests, the Auxiliary sponsors the Crystal Award. This award is based on placings in all the educational events. It is awarded to the overall high-point boy and the high-point girl. There is no application needed for this award.

The award was created in memory of Janet Castle who was one of the founders of the Scholarship fund. She served as President of the Auxiliary in 1962. Janet's vision and dedication helped many Junior Angus members. The award was called the Janet Castle Crystal Award until donated funds were exhausted. The executive committee voted to continue the award as the Crystal Award with funding through the Educational Awards Endowment.

Guidelines for the Crystal Award

Crystal Award Winners

Crystal award: Winning the Crystal Award (from left) are Brantley Humpert, TX; and Lauren Wolter, IL. The awards are presented by the American Angus Auxiliary to the top boy and top girl in contest performance.

Crystal Award Archives

  • 2022
    Brantley Humpert, TX
    Lauren Wolter, IL
  • 2021
    Brenlen Humpert, TX
    Lizzie Schafer, IL
  • 2020
    Eric Schafer, IL
    Maddie Fugate, IL
  • 2019
    Eric Schafer, IL
    Lauren Wolter, IL
  • 2018
    Nicholas Pohlman, AR
    Paighton Witt, MO
  • 2017
    Cale Hinrichsen, KS
    Ella Jordan, MO
  • 2016
    Cooper Sadowsky, MO
    Chris Kahlenbeck, MO
  • 2015
    Will Pohlman, AR
    Keegan Cassady, IL
  • 2014
    Chris Kahlenbeck, MO
    Brooke Harward, NC
  • 2013
    Chris Kahlenbeck, MO
    Brooke Harward, NC
  • 2012
    Katy Tunstill, AR
    Will Pohlman, AR
  • 2011
    Hannah McCabe, KS
    Will Pohlmann, AR
    Chris Kahlenbeck, MO
  • 2010
    Ransom Gardiner, KS
    Hannah McCabe, KS
  • 2009
    Ransom Gardiner, KS
    Hannah McCabe, KS
  • 2008
    Hannah McCabe, KS
    Ransom Gardiner, KS
  • 2007
    Julie Thelen, MI
    Cole Gardiner and Ransom Gardiner, KS
  • 2006
    Jara Settles, NE
    Ransom Gardiner, KS
  • 2005
    Jara Settles, NE
    Garrett Lampe, KS
  • 2004
    Landi McFarland, IA
    Parker Rayl, KS
  • 2003
    Garrett Lampe, KS
    Emily McCurry, KS
  • 2002
    Garrett Lampe, KS
    Courtenay DeHoff, KS
  • 2001
    Britney Creamer, CO
    John McCurry, KS
  • 2000
    Jennifer Scharpe, MN
    Adam Jones, KS
  • 1999
    Jamie Meyer, KS
    Garrett Lampe, KS

Grote Award

Beginning in 2005, Auxiliary investments that supported scholarships and awards were transferred to Angus Foundation accounts. There are a number of scholarships that have since been established directly through the Foundation. The Pat Grote awards and the Spader awards were originated before the transfer of funds through the Foundation.

Originally known as the Pat Grote Belt Buckle Award. Rattey sculptures have replaced belt buckles. The winner of the intermediate division of the extemporaneous speaking contest at the NJAS also wins this award. Starting in 2006 the intermediate division was split into two age groups and resulted in two awards.

The winners of the two intermediate divisions receive a Harvey Rattey Pewter Sculpture Award from the American Angus Auxiliary in the name of Pat Grote.

Grote award: Winning top honors in the intermediate A division (from left) are Max Dameron, Lily Jeffries, Anne Dameron, Reese Anderson and Ella Brooks.

Pat Grote LEAD Award

The winning intermediate team in the steak division of the Cook-Off earns this award, which pays for team members to attend the Leaders Engaged in Angus Development (LEAD) Conference in the year of the win or the year after.

Grote LEAD Award

The Illinois intermediate steak team won the Pat Grote LEAD Conference Award at the 2021 National Junior Angus Show (NJAS) Awards Ceremony, July 10-17 in Grand Island, NE.

Pat Grote Awards Archives

  • Max Dameron
    Anne Dameron
    Reese Anderson
    Ella Brooks
  • Drew Mickey, IL, Intermediate A (first)
    Lily Jeffries, KY, Intermediate A (second)
    Lauren Wolter, IL, Intermediate A (third)
  • Taylor Kelner, AR, Intermediate A (first)
    Amelia Miller, IL, Intermediate A (second)
    Kendra Sellers, TN, Intermediate A (third)
  • Cooper Free, TX, Intermediate A
    Western Svoboda, NE, Intermediate B
  • Eva Hinrichsen, KS, Intermediate A
    Maddie Fugate, IL, Intermediate B
  • Mardee Sadowsky, MO, Intermediate A
    Cale Hinrichsen, KS, Intermediate B
  • Cale Hinrichsen, KS, Intermediate A
    Jayne Bannister, NY, Intermediate B
  • Cale Hinrichsen, KS, Intermediate A
    Corbin Cowles, KY, Intermediate B
  • Corbin Cowles, KY, Intermediate A
    Will Pohlman, AR, Intermediate B
  • Corbin Cowles, KY, Intermediate A
    Esther McCabe, KS, Intermediate B
  • Will Pohlman, AR, Intermediate A
    Esther McCabe, KS, Intermediate B
  • Rene Tokach, ND (ages 14-15)
    Ransom Gardiner, KS (ages 16-17)
  • Amanda Laas, KS (ages 14-15)
    Hannah McCabe, KS (ages 16-17)
  • Tyler Ottensmeier, KS (ages 14-15)
    Hannah McCabe, KS (ages 16-17)
  • Peter Lundgren, KS (14-15)
    Bailey Harsh, OH (16-17)
  • Krystin Bachman, OH (14-15 years)
    Chelsea Dickinson, KS (16-17 years)
  • Jara Settles, NE
  • Jara Settles, NE

Pat Grote LEAD Archives


Spader Award

The Richard L. Spader award (originally known as the Richard L. Spader Belt Buckle Award) is sponsored in memory of former American Angus Association Executive Vice President, Richard L. Spader. This award is given to the winner of the Senior Extemporaneous Speaking division at the National Junior Angus Show awards program.

The NJAA and the Junior Activities Department co-sponsor the Extemporaneous Speaking Contest, which is fast becoming one of the most competitive contests of the event. Each participant receives a topic and reference information 30 minutes prior to his or her scheduled speaking time. Following preparation, the contestant must present a 2- to 6-minute speech. The winner of the senior division receives a custom engraved Artisan belt buckle from the American Angus Auxiliary in the name of Richard L. Spader.

These junior members won top honors in the senior division of extemporaneous speaking at the 2022 National Junior Angus Show (NJAS) Awards Ceremony, July 2-9 in Kansas City, MO. Winning top honors is Jonwyn Ayres, OR. Jonwyn received the custom engraved Artisan belt buckle in the name of the late Richard L. “Dick” Spader for her first place win.

Richard L. Spader Award Archives

  • Jonwyn Ayres, OR
  • Jordan Oliver, IL
  • Bradon Burks, KY
  • Maddie Fugate, IL
  • Sydni Lienemann, NE
  • Cooper Sadowsky, MO
  • Will Pohlman, AR
  • Will Pohlman, AR
  • Esther McCabe, KS
  • Tyler Ottensmeier, KS 1st
    Lindsay Upperman, PA 2nd
  • Tyler Ottenmeier, KS
  • Ellen Hoffschneider, NE
  • Chelsea Dickinson, KS
  • Jessica Clowser, KS
  • Julie Thelen, MI
  • Julie Thelen, MI
  • Chelsea Frost, IL
  • Wravenna Phipps, NE
  • Landi McFarland, IA

Black Kettle Award

The highest and most coveted honor of the Cook-Off, the Black Kettle Award, is presented to the highest scoring team among all meat and age divisions. The award was established in memory of Paul St. Blanc, a supporter and long-time friend of the Cook-Off.

The Nebraska intermediate roast team won the Black Kettle Award. Pictured (from left) are Kasey Meyer, Tavin Uden, Addison Cotton, Tucker Stagemeyer, JessaLynn Hudson.

Black Kettle Award Archives

  • Nebraska Intermediate Roast Team
  • Texas Intermediate Roast Team
  • Kansas Intermediate Steak Team
  • Virginia Senior Steak Team
  • North Carolina Intermediate Roast Team
  • Kansas Intermediate Steak Team
  • Kansas Junior Steak Team
  • Oklahoma Junior Other Beef Team
  • Kansas Intermediate Other Beef Team
  • Arkansas Intermediate Other Beef Team
  • Louisiana Senior Steak Team
  • Missouri Intermediate Steak Team