Distinguished Women

The Distinguished Woman Award is, perhaps, the most prestigious and rare honor to be given to an American Angus Auxiliary member. Recipients have proven to be long time champions of the organization. They have devoted time as officers, committee members, and many other roles all for the betterment of the Auxiliary. These women are a true inspiration.

1960   Mrs. E.H. (Greta) Hecket
1960   Mrs. Maris (Jean) Bandrup
1961   Mrs. E.R. (Julie) McDonald, Jr.
1961   Mrs. J.A. (Merri Zaring) Holbert
1962   Mrs. W.R. (Virginia) Rafferty
1962   Mrs. J.C. (Mary) Holbert
1966   Mrs. William G. Volkmann, Jr.
1967   Mrs. Otto (Evangeline) Battles
1968   Mrs. G.R. (Virginia) Frey
1973   Mrs. Joe (Evelyn) Smith
1974   Mrs. Iris Pankau
1980   Mrs. Russell (Jeanette) Thompson
1986   Mrs. Jeanette Stevenson
1988   Mrs. Jack (Rosie) Bearden
1989   Mrs. Manley (Rachel) Breck
1992   Mrs. Carleton (Nellie) Meinders
1995   Anne Patton Schubert
2001   Linda Brost
2003   Sandra McCurry
2004   Lois Foster
2007   Yvonne Hinman
2007   Jane Ebert
2009   Cheryl Oxley
2012   Bette Votaw
2016   Anne Lampe

Auxiliary Distinguished Women