60 Years of Supporting Juniors

Anne Lampe, American Angus Auxiliary President, 2012

2012 marks the 60th anniversary of the American Angus Auxiliary, chartered in 1952 its purpose and mission was for women Angus breeders and wives of Angus breeders to get better acquainted, to aide in promoting the breed and to present awards to deserving youth showing Aberdeen -Angus projects. While the way the words stated in our current mission may differ to reflect current times, the basic mission and goals are the same. The Auxiliary is a group of women dedicated to the present and future of the Angus breed, Angus breeders and juniors involved in the industry. The members of the American Angus Auxiliary work tirelessly to uphold our mission; the encouragement and recognition of junior Angus members’ take top priority. Four years before the junior activities department of the American Angus Associating was formed and 28 years prior to the official beginning of the NJAA in 1980, the Auxiliary began its mission of recognizing the achievements of Angus youth. Our oldest continuous program, the prestigious Silver Pitcher award presentation started in 1953 at the Chicago International Stock Show. A silver pitcher was presented to honor a young lady excelling in showring achievements. The award presentation was moved to the North American Livestock Exposition in 1975 and 76 before finding its current home at the National Junior Angus Show (NJAS). In 1993, the recognition expanded to include young men. In 1956, the scholarship program was established with a $100 donation. The Auxiliary awarded its first scholarship of $300 in 1957. In the early years the scholarship program was only for girls, the boys division was added in 1970. Today’s practice of awarding scholarships to five girls and 5 boys began in 1985. In 1967, the Auxiliary was asked by the American Angus Association to help select a National Angus Queen. The first place scholarship winner was crowned the National Angus Queen. The named was changed to Miss American Angus in 1973. 1980 began the tradition of holding a contest with five top girl scholarship winners eligible to compete. The Auxiliary presented an engraved silver bowl to the first place National Junior Angus Showmanship Contest winner during the inaugural contest in 1967. In 1969, the Auxiliary began presenting bowls the top five finishers that practice continues today. The Auxiliary continued its mission of recognition of junior Angus accomplishments and introduced the Crystal Award presentation in 1999, honoring one boy and one girl that excel in educational contest participation at the NJAS. The popular All American Certified Angus Beef Cook-Off contest began in 1983 and has grown to be one of the largest non-showring competitions at NJAS. The Auxiliary also has a recognition program for juniors that excel in showring, leadership and educational contests on district, state or national levels; the Certificate of Achievement application is open to all NJAA members. The Auxiliary also responsible for several other memorial awards presented at NJAS including the Cook-Off’s Black Kettle and LEAD Awards as well as the Grote and Spader awards in the extemporaneous speaking contest. The junior Angus program and NJAA members are always in the forefront of the mission of the American Angus Auxiliary, to find out more about the Auxiliary and its junior recognition programs visit www.angusauxilary.com.