Ways & Means Committee Guidelines

The purpose of this committee is to raise funds for the American Angus Auxiliary.

Operate Angus Gift Barn (AGB) including the purchasing of inventory and selling and shipping merchandise.

Accept only cash, check, money order or credit card sales. Do not sell items on credit.

Write receipts for sales in triplicate - one copy to the AGB chairman, one to the purchaser and one to keep with the charge slip.

AGB chairman will aid the President in the selection of committee members to give suggestions on inventory and help or recruit help to work at the booth at the National Junior Show and at the North American Livestock Show. The officers have other duties at the NJAS. It is the responsibility of the AGB chairman to make sure that the AGB booth is staffed at all times.

Be responsible for having credit card machine at the NJAS and Louisville.

Track mileage and travel expenses to the NJAS and to Louisville and forward receipts to the bookkeeper. The Auxiliary will pay the AGB chairperson mileage at the approved American Angus Association’s rate per contract or fuel reimbursement. Meals will be reimbursed up to $35/day - receipts are necessary; no charges allowed for free meals at the NJAS. Hotel room for AGB chairman will be reimbursed in full. Any additional rooms for family members or larger than standard size room would be the responsibility of the AGB chairman. The AGB chairman may also be reimbursed for the lease of a vehicle and fuel.

Order new promotional items with the agreement of the Executive Committee. Also responsible for ordering the t-shirts for the National Junior Angus Show. An annual budget will be decided upon and all purchases over $2,000 need to be approved by the Executive Committee.

The AGB chairman will be the liaison between the Auxiliary and any vendors selected by the Executive Committee.

Send to the Auxiliary bookkeeper receipts for postage and supplies on a monthly or bi-monthly basis for reimbursement. Sign and date all items sent to the bookkeeper.

Deposit merchandise checks in AGB account. Send copies of checks written out of account, invoice copies and bills to the Auxiliary bookkeeper. Charge hotel, shipping and appropriate merchandise to the AGB charge card.

Monthly sales reports should be sent to the bookkeeper.

Purchase a phone card to use for Auxiliary related calls. This expense will be reimbursed.

Turn in monthly report to the bookkeeper.

AGB chairman will have access to computer to receive Internet orders, maintain the credit card machine, and process orders. The chairman will also provide information to maintain the Angus Gift Barn website.

The American Angus Auxiliary will lease the AGB chairman a trailer to store and move inventory. This lease must be signed by the AGB chairman.