Secretary/Treasurer Guidelines

All Months

Forward any monies you have received and bills to the AAAx bookkeeper. (Ask bookkeeper to send a spreadsheet showing income and expenses.)

Keep minutes of all meetings of the Executive Board and Executive Committee, as well as general meetings and notes from all conference calls. Send copies of all minutes and treasurer reports to Historian. Mail correspondence as necessary. Be familiar with the CDs and other investments we have. Plan ahead when CDs are coming up for renewal. Consult Executive Committee and Finance Committee.


Work with the AAA Communications staff to be included in the packet mailed to state associations as they request updated info from states – be sure to request the following:

  • Names of state queens and princesses along with their mailing addresses
  • Current State Auxiliary Officers

Request American Angus Association funds of $12,000 (currently) the Activities Director. These funds are for expenses in Beef Education, Annual Meeting and MAA travel. They are deposited in the General Fund and credited to individual ledger accounts.

Forward dues from our national affiliates and any other bills that have come in to the bookkeeper.


Do any follow up work with the accountant that is necessary for the taxes.


Forward list of state auxiliary officers to the executive committee and to the Public Relations Chair to send to the web site.


Attend the National Junior Show and assist in any way (cook-off, awards ceremony).

Send copies of Mid-Year Meeting minutes, financial report and committee reports to Historian and committee chairs.

Make sure the bookkeeper receives the bills for award expenses-Silver Pitchers, Silver Bowls, MAA Silver Tray, Crystal Awards, the Spader Award, Grote Awards and the Black Kettle Award. These are paid by the Auxiliary general fund and then billed to the Auxiliary Educational Awards Endowment Fund at the Angus Foundation for once per year reimbursement, prior to September 30th.


Ask all Chairpersons to send their bills to the bookkeepeer so they can be paid by September 30th.

Order the gavel and year guard pins for the new President.

Check with the bookkeeper to make sure everything that has to be done by year end will be done. Our fiscal year ends September 30.


Prepare any reports left over from September work.

Order new name tags for the members of the Executive Committee (President, President Elect, Secretary Treasurer, Past President and 6 Regional Directors).

Ask the bookkeeper to write checks for the new officers (annual expense amounts) so that checks may be distributed while in Louisville.

Ask the bookkeeper to send you a check for $300 so that it can be cashed and used for change for breakfast ticket sales in Louisville.


Work with the Auxiliary bookkeeper and Finance Committee chair to prepare financial reports for the year, including all income and expenses for all accounts.

Show the actual amounts compared to the budgeted amounts.

Make 50 copies of the following for the Louisville meeting:

  • copies of the previous year’s annual meeting minutes
  • copies of the State and Committee reports (consult with President)
  • copies of your annual Treasurer’s report showing all bank accounts
  • copies of budget for upcoming year (consult with Finance Chairman)
  • membership applications
  • copies of state officer contacts
  • meeting agendas (consult with President)

Take or ship if necessary, all copies of meeting materials to Louisville.

Make a sign in sheet for annual meeting with name, address, phone, and email.

Secure updated membership list from Membership Chairman for Louisville.


Take minutes at all meetings.

Collect all available bills and forward to the bookkeeper.

Meet with new Secretary and explain her duties.


Remind the MAA Chairperson to send all the bills from outgoing MAA to the bookkeeper immediately for payment.

Remind the Hospitality & Program Chairperson to send all the bills from the Annual Meeting immediately to the bookkeeper for payment.

Type minutes from all meetings and circulate draft copy to officers for comment.

Send budget, financial reports and minutes of ALL meetings to Historian

Consult with the President to make sure the following items are sent ASAP to the Angus Journal for the Annual Report printed in the February issue:

  • minutes of Annual Meeting
  • minutes of Executive Board Meeting
  • financial report for the previous year on all accounts
  • proposed budget for new year

Send to Activities Director (and copy to the Auxiliary President) a list of all expenses and income plus copies of paid receipts in each group:

  • Beef Education (Cook-Off)
  • Auxiliary Annual Meeting (the one that was just held)
  • Miss American Angus travel expenses with full documentation

If we have spent less than they provided us ($6,000), work with the Auxiliary bookkeeper to see that a refund check is written to AAA for the difference. Include a thank you for their generous support of the Auxiliary.