Regional Directors Guidelines

The duties of the American Angus Auxiliary regional directors shall begin immediately after the election at the Annual Meeting in Louisville. This position is viewed as an opportunity for members to become involved in the organizational aspects of the Auxiliary. The knowledge gained through the position of director would also be excellent training for an officer position if so desired.

The regional directors shall assist the membership chairman in annual revision of the membership list for their region and recruit members from their region.

The regional directors shall assist the Achievement Awards Chairperson with communication and publicity within their region.

The regional directors shall compile and update a manual for establishing a state auxiliary (or assist states without organized Auxiliaries in establishing a state auxiliary and keep a manual up to date)

The regional directors shall serve as a link and help improve communication between the American Angus Auxiliary and state and regional Auxiliaries.

The regional directors shall help keep contact lists up to date, such as state officer lists and scholarship contacts.

The regional directors shall secure state contacts in all states without organized Auxiliaries.

The regional directors shall help identify members who are interested in becoming involved in the American Angus Auxiliary leadership.

Work with Junior Activities Director to contact female junior members who have reached the age of 21 and invite them to join the Auxiliary.


Participate in phone conference with Auxiliary officers.


Attend spring Executive Committee meeting at the American Angus Association office.


Attend Executive Committee meeting prior to or following the mid year meeting.

Attend mid year meeting at the National Junior Angus Show.


Contact states in your region, reminding them of the upcoming deadline for Achievement Award applications.


Work with the Achievement Awards Committee Chairperson in the completion and distribution of the Achievement Awards for your region.