President Guidelines

Study the President’s file/notebook to acquaint yourself with your duties. Don’t hesitate to call any past President for additional information, clarification or suggestions. Try to meet with your successor to provide a background of presidential duties.

The duties of the American Angus Auxiliary President begin immediately after the election at the Annual Meeting in Louisville. At the Auxiliary Breakfast the new president gives a “President’s Message”. At the American Angus Association Banquet the new president introduces the new officers and Miss American Angus and her parents.

Monthly general duties and obligations of the President include keeping Executive Committee and Committee Chairs informed of their responsibilities and upcoming events, responding to emails and calls, as well as writing a column/article for the Angus Journal, Angus Topics and Angus News. Deadline for the Journal is the 20th of the month. You are encouraged to not use the same column/article in all three publications. The column for Angus Topics and Angus News can, however, be the same. On off Journal months, you will be asked to submit an article for internet publication. The column/articles should be emailed to the contact persons provided by each publication.

The President may be asked by the Jr. Activities Director to write articles for the spring and fall issues of Directions and the NJAS “Welcome Packet Letter”.

Set conference calls as needed for Executive Committee and Committee Chairs.

As information on members who are interested in serving on committees is received, send information to the appropriate committee chair and President-Elect.

NOTE ABOUT GUIDELINE CHANGES: These changes should be evaluated each year prior to the Annual Meeting. The President has primary responsibility for updating these, but each change must be presented to and approved by the Executive Committee.

NOTE: No item may be taken from the AAAx Archives at AAA headquarters without the permission of the president. Note each request with name and date. Ask that the person inform you upon return of the item. Note the date.


The Executive Committee should elect two members to serve on the nominating committee. Article VIII, section 8.1 states this should be done before July 1. The Annual Meeting offers a convenient time for this.

Conference with the officers and the AAA finance officer to set scholarship amounts. Confer with the President-Elect/Scholarship Chairman.

Write brief “President’s Message” for the AAAx website. Submit to the Public Relations Chairman.

Write thank you note to American Angus Association for their cooperation and support.

Order stationary from the Angus Journal, if needed.

Angus Productions Inc. will contact you to order the business cards for all officers and regional directors. Collect name, address, phone, cell phone, and email information during the annual meeting in Louisville.

Have a photo available to be used on Auxiliary page of the Angus Journal (someone from the Journal will usually take one when officer photos are taken in Louisville). You may also send a favorite photo to them (snail mail or electronically).

Send signature in black ink on a plain white 8 1/2 x 11 sheet for use in Journal. The signature may be sent electronically.

Send committee lists to officers and committee chairpersons. Write officers outlining plans and ask for support and suggestions. Write committee chairpersons stressing the importance of contact with their committee members. Committee chairpersons should receive committee guidelines with their member lists.

You need to assemble the following information to API and the Public Relations Chair for publication in the February issue of the Angus Journal as well as for updating the Auxiliary website:

  • President’s Message (This is your February column for the Journal)
  • Executive Committee Photo (taken at AAAx Breakfast – Journal usually has)
  • Committee Chairs
  • Committee Lists
  • Any by-law changes
  • Guideline changes - for Website only
  • Awards - Scholarships - MAA (include her home address) - Showmanship - Grote - Spader- Black Kettle - Crystal – Grote LEAD Scholarship
  • MAA photo, speech, home address (work with MAA Committee)
  • Be sure that AAAx logo is included in ANNUAL REPORT

Be certain that Miss American Angus has received her guidelines/contract from the MAA Committee.

If you are planning a meeting in Denver, work with AAA to request room reservations for Executive Committee for the National Western in Denver immediately. Contact AAA Activities Director about rooms and passes.

Set up Executive Committee meeting for Denver if necessary or make arrangements for a teleconference for January.

Send new AAAx Executive Committee names and addresses to the National Cattlewomen and to the American Agri-Women.


Plan spring Executive Board Meeting. Work with executive committee and AAA to select dates. Notify all parties of time frame for meeting so travel plans can be made.


Confirm spring meeting dates and agenda with AAA Activities Director. Invite all of the AAAx Executive Committee members, committee chairs, state presidents and past presidents. Room reservations need to be made two months in advance.

Prepare letter/form to send to State Angus Auxiliary Presidents or contact person requesting that they send items to the AAAx Historian (include Historians name & address) for use in the scrapbook.


Be sure the accountant/tax preparer has a copy of the previous year’s financial statement. The tax return is filed March 15. The tax ID number is 43-606-3358.

Send a copy of annual report to the National Cattlewomen.

President or President’s designee should begin work on The Auxiliary Post for the April 1st edition. Solicit articles and news from State Presidents, Regional Directors and Committee Chairs.


Sign the tax return and send it to the IRS. Make a copy for the American Angus Association chief financial officer. Send a copy to the all the officers. A copy should be filed in the archives at the Angus Association in St. Joseph.

Check with the AAA Activities Director to see that room reservations have been secured for National Junior Angus Show for the Executive Committee, Miss American Angus, Beef Cook-Off Chairpersons, Ways and Means Chairpersons.

Confirm midyear meeting location, schedule and details. Work with Program & Hospitality Chair to coordinate Auxiliary social activity at NJAS.

Work with AAA Activities Director to make sure awards for NJAS are ordered and arrangements have been made to transport awards to NJAS.

  1. Order five Revere Bowls for Showmanship contest. Check file for wording
    First place is the Dean Hurlbut Award.

Additional Awards to secure:

  1. Order the Richard Spader Speaking award (we usually present Ratteys, ordered through the Rattey chair, can be sent to Jr. Activities Director for transporting). Richard L. Spader Award NJAS 200_
  2. Order the Pat Grote Speaking awards (we usually present Ratteys, ordered through the Rattey chair, can be sent to Jr. Activities Director for transporting). Pat Grote Award NJAS 200_
  3. Make sure the Janet Castle Crystal Awards have been ordered by that chairperson.
  4. Make sure the Black Kettle award has been ordered by the Lampe Family.
  5. For the Grote LEAD Scholarships, print off certificates where the names can be filled in at NJAS and have frames/jackets/folders for them. Recipients would be the
  6. winning Intermediate Fresh Meats Cook-Off team at NJAS, usually no more than 6 junior members.
  7. Confirm that two Silver Pitchers have been ordered.

President or President’s designee - obtain mailing labels from Secretary/Treasurer for newsletter


President or President’s designee - mail The Auxiliary Post newsletter on the 1st.

Check on the status of the scholarship program.

Confer with the chairperson of the By-laws Committee to see if any changes are recommended. They will need to be presented at the July Mid-Year Meeting and published in the October issue of the Angus Journal and or in the October issue of The Auxiliary Post newsletter.


Communicate details of the National Junior Angus Show to the Executive Committee. Set agenda for the Mid-Year Meeting at the National Junior Angus Show.


Set Executive Committee meeting for the National Junior Angus Show. Make final plans for the Mid-Year Meeting.

Present any By-law changes at the Mid-Year Meeting. No vote is taken.

Confirm with Crystal Awards committee that Association Jr. intern or assistant will help score the Crystal Awards. Silver Pitcher scores are tabulated by AAA and Activities Director.

Encourage officers to help with Cook-Off.


Send email or letter to committee chairs and state presidents inviting them to the mid-year meeting.

Work with Jr. Activities Assistant to update the NJAS awards ceremony script prior to the NJAS.

Be available for Opening Ceremonies of the National Junior Angus Show.

Attend Cook-Off and Queens Luncheon/Reception.

The Executive Committee (President, President Elect, Secretary/Treasurer, Advisor and one Regional Director) should present the Silver Bowls for Showmanship. You will need 5 people. If not enough Executive Committee members are present, get a past president or to assist.

The President presents the Silver Pitcher Awards at the conclusion of the show.

The Crystal Awards are presented by the committee chairman during the awards ceremony. The president-elect announces the scholarship winners, the secretary presents the certificates. The president presents the Grote Awards and the Grote LEAD Awards, and the Spader Award if Sheri Spader is not there. (Remind Sheri prior to the awards ceremony).


Prepare a report for the AAA board at the American Angus Association Board of Directors meeting held in normally the first part of September. The Activities Director will have the dates. If you are to attend, the Association will pay for your transportation. Power point suggested.

Contact Program & Hospitality Committee Chairperson to finalize plans for Annual Meeting.

Check with Jr. Activities Department to be sure the MAA tray for NAILE is ordered and the bill submitted to the treasurer by September 10th so it can be sent to the bookkeeper for payment and then billing back to the Foundation Educational Awards Endowment Fund prior to September 30th.

Check with Chairperson of Nominating Committee.

Check to insure that the annual report for corporation filing has been made.

President or President’s designee - begin work on The Auxiliary Post for the October 1st edition. Solicit articles and news from State Presidents, Regional Directors and Committee Chairs.


Work with the AAA Activities Director to make sure requests for room reservation for the North American have been made.

Contact committee chairs and state presidents for their annual reports for an October 1 deadline. Compile all information into an annual report for the annual meeting in Louisville. In letter to state presidents remind them to request Achievement Award applications from qualified juniors and send them to the Achievement Award Committee chair, and invite each state to donate a door prize for the Auxiliary breakfast in Louisville. In both letters remind them to submit scrapbook information to the Historian.

Program & Hospitality chairman works with the host state and Auxiliary President concerning Annual Breakfast plans. Check with the chairman to see if help is needed.

Prepare article on Auxiliary highlights and newsworthy events of the past year for the Angus Association Annual Report

Check with President-Elect to be sure that all scholarship winners have submitted proof of enrollment.

Work with Jr. Activities Director to schedule the time for the midyear meeting at the next NJAS.

President or President’s designee - obtain mailing labels from Secretary/Treasurer.


President or President’s designee - mail The Auxiliary Post newsletter on the 1st.

Send letter or email to past presidents inviting them to the Louisville activities. (Ann Patton Schubert has the addresses)

Request passes for the North American from the Activities Director. You will need passes for the Executive Committee – officers only, five MAA candidates, two MAA Committee chairpersons, and the current MAA.

Ask the Activities Director to reserve three tables at the Association’s banquet-MAA chairpersons, the Executive Committee and spouses, the immediate past MAA and her parents and the newly crowned MAA and her parents.

Prior to the Annual Meeting, send emails regarding plans or schedule conference call, if needed, for the Executive Committee and any other committee chairs necessary.

Provide the AAA Communications Director with a schedule of Auxiliary events so that they can be included in the publicity for the AAA Annual Meeting.

If you don’t have them, request API staff (Cheryl Oxley) to bring approximately 20 annual reports to Louisville if available.

Check with the Chairperson of the Miss American Angus Committee to be sure her responsibilities are met.

Check with the Chairperson of the Miss American Angus Committee to be sure her responsibilities are met.


Prepare and print agendas, state reports and committee reports for the meetings of the Executive Committee, the Executive Board and the Annual Meeting.

NOTE: At the Annual Meeting a vote is needed to elect two members to be seated on the nominating committee.

Meet with Miss American Angus Committee chairs and the new queen immediately after she is crowned to review her responsibilities. Normally you have lunch in the Saddle and Sirloin Club.

Write thank you notes to all who have helped throughout the year.

Work through Public Relations Chair to maintain accurate, up-to-date information on the Auxiliary’s Web Site.

NOTE: The AAAx Historian will present you with your Presidential Scrapbook. You may enjoy it until October of the following year. After that time send it to the American Angus Association to be placed in the Auxiliary Archives. Notify the Association that it is being shipped and then notify the Historian that you have sent it.