President-Elect/Scholarship Chairperson Guidelines

Throughout the year keep a file of members interested in serving on committees and share with committee chairs when updating committees in the fall.


Finish the Secretary/Treasurer duties. Type the minutes from all Board and Open Meetings, mail copies to Executive Committee. Put originals in plastic sleeves and mark for the new Secretary/Treasurer for copying for next year for the Louisville meeting.

Send the following documents to the Journal for publication in the ANNUAL REPORT:

  1. Annual Meeting Minutes
  2. Executive Board Minutes
  3. Treasurer’s Report
  4. Budget for next year
  5. Scholarship Winners list
  6. Scholarship State Chairpersons for new year


Send second reminder to any state chairs who have not responded to your request. Update the state chair list with changes. Supply changes to the AAA so that the AAAx webpage can be updated.

Concerning Scholarships: There are computer CDs in the scholarship chairman’s notebook(s) that have all the documents that need to be used during the year. These can be copied and updated each year. Feel free to do any revisions necessary to written information.

Send press releases to the Communications Department of the AAA for distribution to state and private publications.

Continue to revise and update state scholarship contacts for web page and contact information.


Scholarship work:

Send letter noting important information or changes along with hypothetical application to each state scholarship chairperson. Remind state chairpersons that scholarship applications will NOT be returned to the applicant. If they would like a copy, make one before the original is turned into the state chairperson or mailed to the American Angus Auxiliary Scholarship Chairperson. Remind them that the AAAx will require one original and SIX copies of the scholarship application-4 for judges, 1 for alternate, 1 for AAAx files

Continue to revise and update state scholarship contacts for web page and contact information.

Refer any calls you receive for applications to their state chairperson, if there is one. If not, answer the requests yourself.


Send letter to scholarship judges notifying them of upcoming timetables. Notify alternate judges that they will judge the applications. Their scores will be used if a regular judge is unable to participate or if there is a tie.

Prepare score sheets and a master score sheet for each judge and for yourself.

Set up conference calls (one for “boy” judges and one for “girl” judges).

Divide the judges into two groups-boy and girl judges based on applicant’s and judge’s home states. When possible try not to assign judges to applicants from their home states to avoid prejudice.

Once all the scholarships are received, prepare the judge’s packets remembering to keep the original scholarship form and one copy.

Judges packets should include the following:

  • Letter outlining the procedure/process for judging
  • Score sheets for each applicant
  • Master Sheet for each judge to record scores and retain for use during the conference call with instructions for returning a copy of the master sheet to you
  • One copy of each scholarship in either boy or girl category
  • Instructions to the judges with time frame for returning scores to you
  • Instructions regarding the conference call (time & format)

Mail judges’ packets ASAP to provide adequate time to score applications.

Provide the MAA chairperson(s) with the names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and parent/guardian names of all the girl scholarship applicants. The MAA chairperson(s) needs this information so that an intent to run for MAA form can be procured from applicants.


When you receive the completed score sheets from the judges tabulate them and calculate totals.

Discuss any discrepancies between the judge’s tallies and yours in an email or by a phone call so that everything will be ready to go for the actual conference call.

If possible, once you have tabulated everything and know the rankings, please share scores with judges by email one day prior to conference call so that the conference call can move more quickly and the judges have a visual from which to work during the actual conference call.

The Sec/Treasurer should be included on at least one of the conference calls so that they will understand the format for the next year.

Confer with the MAA chairperson(s) to obtain a list of applicants who DO NOT intend to run for MAA. From that list, prepare a final listing of who will be running for MAA to be announced at the NJAS. FIVE GIRLS MUST PARTICIPATE IN THE CONTEST. Send to the MAA chairperson(s) the following information for each of the five females who will be competing for MAA:

  • Copy of the front of the application
  • Copy of the biographical information and
  • Copy of their Angus story
  • Original photo

Prepare a Scholarship Committee Report; send to Auxiliary President.

Prepare a Scholarship Committee Report for the National Junior Show to be presented at the Mid-Year Meeting.

Send a copy of the winners’ scholarship applications and original photos to the editor of the Angus Journal for publication in the upcoming issue. Call ahead of time to insure confidentiality.

Have certificates printed and framed or rolled and tied or presented in a manner of your choice. Cost is approximately $20/certificate.

Provide the AAA Activities Director with a scholarship report. Work with the Auxiliary President and the AAA Jr. Activities Director to prepare a script for the awards ceremony. Be sure to include the 10 winners as well as the names of the five females who will compete for MAA as all of this will be announced during the awards ceremony at the NJAS. Send a list of winners and the amounts to the Journal.

Notify the Miss American Angus chair to let her know the applications have been sent to the Angus Journal.


Take the certificates and scholarship report to the National Junior Show. Announce the winners and present the certificates at the awards ceremony.


Send letters to:

  • judges (thank you & gifts, and confirm if they are still able to complete their term on the committee)
  • non-winners
  • winners-requesting that they submit proof of enrollment by September 1

The AAA prepares and distributes press releases.


Finish old business from National Junior Show

Submit all remaining bills pertaining to scholarships to the Secretary/Treasurer to be forwarded on to the bookkeeper (General Fund).


When the deadline for proof of enrollment (September 1) is past and/or you have all information from winners, send a letter to the AAA Finance Officer, the Angus Foundation, and the AAA Activities Director with a request/instructions to release funds to the students respective colleges/universities. Please include the list of scholarship winners, their addresses, the address of their college/university financial aid office, their student identification number. Notify the President when funds have been released.

Send letters to last year’s state scholarship chairs with a card to return that will provide us with information needed for upcoming year (intent to serve for the upcoming year, current address, home phone, cell phone, email).

Contact current chairpersons thanking them for their service and asking if they would like to continue to serve in their position. You may change chairs or committee members at your discretion. Some chairpersons like to select their own committee members. After a chair is selected, send the names of current members and anyone else interested in serving and ask chairs to get the list back to you before Louisville. Make appointments to chairs and committees using last years’ responses, new requests to serve and new people who have expressed interest.

Review the by-laws for information on who is required to serve or chair some of the committees


Finish committee lists before the North American/Annual AAAx meeting if possible.

Check the rotation for the Scholarship committee. Two members are retired each year and two join the four year rotation. A list should be kept of committee members and the year they joined.

MAKE FINAL DECISION on the scholarship amounts to be awarded (conference call with Executive Committee and the Finance Committee Chair). Prior to conference call, check with Financial Officer at AAA for dollar amount available for scholarships.


Begin your first Journal article. Check with the president or the Journal for deadline schedules. You will be writing article two months out from publication date.

Work with the Public Relations Chair to check the schedule for the six 1/2 page ads donated to the AAAx by the Journal. Meet with Public Relations Chair in Louisville. Ads are calculated, from the month of publication.

Check monthly deadlines for the Angus Topics and the Angus News.

Send the name of the new Miss American Angus to the Membership chairperson for LIFE MEMBERSHIP.

Proceed with presidential duties.

Bring the scholarship applications of the top five young men and young women to the annual meeting in Louisville. Remove the grade point information and all reference letters. Display the applications in the Angus Sale Barn area.

Send the scholarship amounts along with an updated scholarship form and directions for the new year to the AAAx Public Relations Chairperson for immediate publication on the AAAx website.