Beef Education Committee Guidelines

All-American Certified Angus Beef® Cook-Off:

Refer to the Cookbook and Rules & Regulations for anything not mentioned here.

Cooks of all ages should bring their chef’s hats, aprons, beef recipes and flair for preparation to the Certified Angus Beef® Cook-Off. The event, sponsored jointly by the American Angus Auxiliary, National Jr. Angus Association, American Angus Association and Certified Angus Beef LLC, is held annually during the National Jr. Angus Show. The Cook-Off is judged by a panel of judges. Winners in categories in showmanship and recipe as well as over-all excellence will be awarded special prizes. There will be divisions for junior teams (two to six members of a state junior association) and for adults (individuals or teams). Specific categories and specific cuts of CAB available will be determined by April 1 prior to the event.

The event is educational, competitive and fun! Among junior teams in particular, the Cook-Off has fostered a cooperative spirit. The Cook-Off is an excellent way to educate and entertain non-participants, while promoting our chief end product--Certified Angus Beef®.


  1. The contest will be held during the National Jr. Angus Show.
  2. There will be a division for junior teams and for adults (individuals/team)
    1. The junior team divisions are open to junior members only. The junior division will be divided into three age categories: 9-13; 14-17; 18-21 (all ages will be determined as of January 1.) Mixed teams may be entered, but will be classified by the oldest member of the team. State Junior Associations may each field only one team of two to six members in each division.
    2. Any person over 21 years of age may participate in the adult division. There is no limit to the number of adult entries from a state.
    3. There will be categories of CAB products which will be determined by April 1.
  3. All entries must use beef in the recipes.
  4. No alcoholic beverages may be used in the recipe, presentation or be presented to the judges; an exception is use of cooking wine in recipes.
  5. All entries will be evaluated on the two separate and distinct categories of SHOWMANSHIP (presentation of the dish) and RECIPE (taste of the dish). Adult and junior winners will be named in both showmanship and recipe categories as well as over-all excellence. Awards will be presented in all areas.
  6. All names of Cook-Off participants, age, birth date, address and member codes along with a typed copy of the entry’s recipe, should be submitted to Cook-Off officials by June 1 (unless an earlier deadline has been established).
  7. Certified Angus Beef® will be provided to the contestants. All other ingredients must be furnished by the contestant.
  8. Specific CAB cuts are specifically designated. Contact the Cook-Off Committee Co-Chairmen after April 1 for specific cuts available.
  9. Grills will be provided; other types of cooking units may be used, but must be furnished by the entrants. Type of cooking unit must be included in entry. Refrigeration will be available for the beef.
  10. In keeping with the creative aspect of the contest, entrants are encouraged to choose a theme, dress accordingly and serve the beef in a manner in keeping with that theme. Participants should use imagination and creativity in choosing a theme and in serving the dish.
  11. Cooks may begin preparations anytime they deem necessary in order to be ready for judging at the designated time on contest day.


Contact Certified Angus Beef (CAB) office to determine the extent of involvement from CAB for the event during the National Jr. Angus Show.


Make any changes in rules/guidelines prior to AAAx Executive Board Meeting.


Contact Beef Education Committee members about plans for Cook-Off and specific requests for assistance.

Work with the Auxiliary President to finalize plans for Angus Journal article for May issue.


Update score sheet. Confirm donors of CAB products for contest.


Send packet including guidelines, entry form, score sheets, introductory letter and CAB information to all State Jr. Association advisors to share with their state’s contestants.

Confirm judges for event.


Accept entries and organize them for Angus Journal, staff to print and assemble them in contest booklet. Entries are due June 1.

Review copy to be certain it is updated. Ask Activities Office to print score sheets for contest.

Work with Journal about final deadline to receive all printed materials. Confirm that AAA staff member will deliver the copies to the NJAS.

Order T-shirts.

Confirm all details of NJAS during June and July with local contact persons, AAA Activities Director and CAB.


Continue to work with CAB about prizes, judges, meat and other contest details. CAB usually provides some awards. In addition, CAB has provided signs for advertising the contest at the NJAS. That material can be sent to coordinator prior to the show. Prizes are usually sent to the show site.

Work with NJAA Board members assigned to the event.

Copy completed score sheets for contestant distribution. These are placed in the State’s packets at the NJAS and the state’s advisors can pick them up before they leave the show.


Write thank you notes to all persons involved in the Cook-Off. This includes Junior Board members, Angus Association staff, Auxiliary volunteers, parent volunteers, contestants, judges and anyone else involved.

Prepare report for Annual Meeting – October 1 deadline.


Present report at Annual Meeting with any new details of the next year’s event.


Begin preparations for the next year’s event.