Awards Committee Guidelines


The purpose of the Achievement Awards Committee is to reach Angus Juniors throughout the United States and Canada who are qualified to receive the American Angus Auxiliary Achievement Awards through their accomplishments with Angus projects.

Certificate of Achievement Awards are presented to all Junior Angus members in the United States and Canada in recognition of their accomplishments with Angus cattle. The recognition must be the result of leadership positions held and competition, i.e. steer, bull, heifer, cow/calf pair in the following divisions: first place, division or reserve division champion, grand or reserve grand champion, champion or reserve grand champion showman, winners in judging contests, National Junior Angus Showmanship Contestants, scholarship winners, queens and princesses, Bronze, Silver, or Gold Award winners, winners in any of the contests at the NJAS and any place first place in state contests such as poster contest, photography, team sales, team fitting, scrapbook, public speaking, extemporaneous speaking, Cook-Off. The record is based on shows at which the junior has personally shown the animal.

Certificates are issued for outstanding achievement from October 1st to September 30th at the national, state, district level (multiple counties).

Applications MUST be submitted to the Certificate of Achievement National Chairman by November 1. Applications for Certificates of Achievement are available on the Auxiliary website at The award year is October 1 to September 30. The junior’s name, age, address, member code, show date-name-level-placing or indicator of other outstanding work must be included in the application. An address of where to mail the certificate must also be included. “If your state has an Angus Auxiliary or Junior Angus Association, send the application to the Auxiliary contact person or state junior advisor. For more information regarding submission of application contact Achievement Award Chairman.”

A junior will receive only one certificate per year even though they may have qualified for more.


The committee should obtain a list of state junior Angus advisors from the AAA Jr. Activities Directors. Send a letter and follow up emails reminding them to submit Certificate of Achievement Awards applications by November 1 to the Certificate of Achievement National Chairman. The NJAS has an email list for all state advisors. This can be utilized to contact state advisors. Encourage auxiliary chairs or advisors to submit applications as a group so that completed certificates may be mailed back to them as a group for distribution at state functions (banquets, field days, preview shows, sales, etc.). The committee may want to work with regional directors. If there is no organized state association the certificate will be sent directly to the junior.

Check supply of Certificates and mailing envelopes. If supplies are low, contact Auxiliary President to see that more are printed.

Ask the President to place information in the monthly Auxiliary column about Certificates of Achievement.

Ask the Auxiliary President to sign blank Certificates of Achievement to be mailed to Committee Chair along with large envelopes printed with the Auxiliary logo.


Any questions regarding the spelling of the member’s name should be directed to the AAA Jr. Activities Director.

Achievements DO NOT need to be listed on each certificate. Achievements may be typed on a card and then attached to the Certificate or the application can be returned with the certificate.


The Certificate of Achievement Awards Committee Chairman will compile a list of recipients of the Certificates of Achievement. A copy should be sent to the Auxiliary President for submission into the historical book and the Historian. Submit a copy to the Angus Journal by February 20th for publication in the May issue highlighting junior members. This information MUST be in one of two forms – on a computer disc or in an email with a file attachment.


The Chairperson should write to all committee members and thank them for serving.


A Silver Pitcher shall be presented to the boy and girl with the most outstanding achievement in the cattle show at the National Junior Angus Show. They must show the animal themselves. There is no application needed for this award.

The American Angus Association has a computer program that calculates the points for this award. The winners of this award shall be determined according to the following point system:

  • 1st place in class: 4 points
  • 2nd place in class: 3 points
  • 3rd place in class: 2 points
  • 4th place in class: 1 point
  • Division Champion: 2 points
  • Reserve Division Champion: 1 point
  • Grand Champion: 3 points
    (steer, cow-calf, owned heifer, bred and owned heifer, bull)
  • Reserve Grand Champion: 2 points
    (steer, cow-calf, owned heifer, bred and owned heifer, bull)


Contact the AAA Activities Director to make sure two Silver Pitcher awards have been ordered.

Make sure the bill for the Silver Pitchers is submitted to the Auxiliary bookkeeper.


When arrive at NJAS check in with Association staff (has been Scott Johnson) and ask what assistance they might need and let them know you are available to help as needed. Be available at the conclusion of the show to receive results.

The Silver Pitcher Award will be presented by the Auxiliary president at the conclusion of the National Junior Angus Show in agreement with the American Angus Association.


The American Angus Auxiliary strongly believes in the importance of the educational contests at the National Junior Angus Show. To promote and support these contests, the Auxiliary sponsors the Janet Castle Crystal Award. This award is based on placings in all of the educational events. It is awarded to the overall high-point boy and the high-point girl. There is no application needed for this award. When juniors enter any of the educational contests they are automatically in the running for the Crystal Award.

The Janet Castle Crystal Award is in memory of Janet Castle and is made possible by a generous donation from her family to the Auxiliary. Janet was one of the founders of the Scholarship fund. She served as President of the Auxiliary in 1962. Janet’s vision and dedication helped many Junior Angus members. It is appropriate that this Auxiliary award for juniors be named in her honor. It must be called the Auxiliary – sponsored Janet Castle Crystal Award on first reference; Crystal Award on second reference.

Individual and team contests included for this award are:

  • Photography
  • Cook-Off
  • Quiz Bowl
  • Poster
  • Graphic Design
  • Team Sales
  • Extemporaneous Speaking
  • Public Speaking
  • Creative Writing

Since there are three categories in the photography contest and the poster contest, each contestant will be eligible to earn points only for their highest placed category in photography and poster.

Points are awarded to the top three placings in each age division in each contest as follows:

  • 1st place: 7 points
  • 2nd place: 5 points
  • 3rd place: 3 points

(One point is also awarded to each participant in each contest who is not among the top three placings.)


Order two Crystal Awards. Submit bill to the Auxiliary bookkeeper.


The Janet Castle Crystal Award is presented by the committee chair at the awards ceremony at the National Junior Angus Show.

The Janet Castle Crystal Awards Committee should work with the NJAS staff to keep and tabulate NJAS educational contest placings.

The Janet Castle Crystal Awards Committee Chairman shall notify the Auxiliary President and the President Elect of the names and states of the Janet Castle Crystal Awards winners.

Write thank you note to the Jr. Activities Director acknowledging his or her cooperation.