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The American Angus Auxiliary-sponsored All-American Certified Angus Beef® Cook-Off and Chef’s Challenge contests are held during the National Junior Angus Show.

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NOTE: Submitting entries online is preferred. NJAA members competing on state teams members should check with and coordinate entries through their state junior Angus association advisors.

2017 CAB® Products

  • Split Strip Steak – steak category
  • Peeled Coulotte – roast category
  • 4/ quarter pound Frankfurters – other category

→ Update on the All American Certified Angus Beef ® brand Cook Off contest at National Junior Angus Show, Des Moines, Iowa
The cook off contest will provide large shared GAS grills.
If charcoal is preferred , contestants may bring their own. There will be a designated area for all grills used in the cook off.

All-American CAB® Cook-Off

There are two ways to enter the CAB Cook-off.

Online Entry Form


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CAB Cook-off Guidelines

The Chef’s Challenge

The Challenge: Prepare and serve a unique entrée using a specified cut of Certified Angus Beef® item and secret ingredients provided by the contest. Contestants will be notified of the beef cut and secret ingredients by 9 am the day before the contest.

Online Entry Form

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Chef's Challenge Guidelines

Entry deadline is May 15. For complete rules, information and entry form visit the National Junior Angus Association website, or contact Anne Patton Schubert, 4040 Taylorsville Road, Taylorsville, Kentucky, 40071. Phone: (502) 477-2663; Fax: (502) 477-2637; or Anne Lampe at or (620) 874-4273.