Showmanship Winners

The National Junior Angus Showmanship Contest is sponsored by the American Angus Association and the top 5 showmen receive a Silver Revere bowl from the American Angus Auxiliary,.

The National Junior Angus Showmanship Contest is one of the most prominent and challenging showmanship contests in the cattle industry. Originally organized by Dean Hurlbut to encourage young men and women to become interested in showing Angus cattle, the top showman award is accordingly named the Dean Hurlbut Award.

Participants are chosen to attend the contest by their respective state Angus associations. Two participants are allowed to represent each state. Contestants may compete for the title of champion showman only once. The contest has two parts.

2016 Top 5 Showmanship Winners

2016 Top 5 Showmanship Winners

These Angus enthusiasts won top five showmanship at the 2016 National Junior Angus Showmanship Contest, held in conjunction with the National Junior Angus Show (NJAS), July 3-9 in Grand Island, Neb. Pictured from left are Doug Satree, Jennifer Carrico and Colt Keffer, all judges; Dean Hurlbut; Courtney Younge, Ventura, Iowa, first place; Macy Perry, Prather, Calif., second place; John Knight, Montpelier Station, Va., third place; Braden Henricks, Anadarko, Okla., fourth place; Chase Anderson, Chrisman, Ill., fifth place, and Shally Rogen; American Angus Auxiliary president; Julie Murnin, American Angus Auxiliary president-elect; Gina Hope, American Angus Auxiliary region 6 director; Deanna Hofing, American Angus Auxiliary region 5 director; and Lynne Hinrichsen, American Angus Auxiliary advisor.

2015 Showmanship Winners

2015 Top 5 Showmanship Winners

Pictured from left are Amanda Schnoor, judge; Danielle Foster, judge; Karisa Pfeiffer, Orlando, Okla., fifth; Reid Shipman, Manhattan, Kan., fourth; Kory Kovert, Crothersville, Ind., third; Will Harsh, Radnor, Ohio, second; Allison Manchester, Manhattan, Kan., first; and John McCurry, judge.

2014 Showmanship Winners

Pictured left to right - Cortney Hill Dukehart Cates, Auxiliary Advisor; Shally Rogen, Auxiliary Regional Director; Ben Kiner of Mendota, IL fifth place; Amy Dierberger of Madera, CA fourth place; Samuel Wallace of Stotts City, MO third place; Calli Bayer of Ringle, WI second place; Megan Collison of Rockwell City,IA first place; Cortney Holshouser, Auxiliary President; Lynne Hinrichsen, Auxiliary President Elect; Carla Malson, Auxiliary Secretary/ Treasurer.

2013 Showmanship Winners

Pictured from left are Jason Hoffman, judge; Brady Jenson, Courtland, Kan.; Kayla Widerman, Good Hope, Ill.; Luke Nord, Wolverton, Minn.; MacKenzie Flory, Baldwin City, Kan.; Paige Wallace, Stotts City, Mo.; Lacey Robinson, judge; and Randy White, judge. The top five showmen are named from the 15 finalists during the final round of competition. Each of the top five finishers received a cash prize from the Ham James Memorial Fund and a Silver Revere bowl from the American Angus Auxiliary.

2012 Showmanship Winners

Pictured from left are American Angus Auxiliary Secretary-Treasurer Cortney Holshouser; American Angus Auxiliary Regional Director Leslie Mindemann; Kelsey Stabler, Gaithersburg, Md, fifth; Lauren Grimes, Hillsboro, Ohio, fourth; Cole Greiman, Garner, Iowa; Katy Satree, Montague, Texas; Jessica Radcliffe, Weston, Wis.; American Angus Auxiliary President Anne Lampe; American Angus Auxiliary Advisor Barbara Ettredge; and American Angus Auxiliary President-Elect Cortney Hill-Dukehart Cates.

2011 Showmanship Winners

Each year the Auxiliary awards silver bowls to the top 5 winners of the National Jr Angus Showmanship Contest.

JanLee, Rowlett, Hurricane Mills, Tenn., first; Ty Bayer, Ringle, Wis., second; Jacy Alsup, Gravette, Ark. third; Lauren Adcock, Moweaqua, Ill., fourth; Sarah Wogan, Hebron, Ohio, fifth.

2010 Showmanship Winners

1. Britney Creamer (17); 2. Austin Trueblood (130); 3. Courtenay DeHoff (54); 4. Madison Henderson (38); 5. Erika Boehmer (77)