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2019 Calendar of Events

March 15 - 16 Executive Board Spring Planning Meeting Wooster, OH
May 1 American Angus Auxiliary Scholarship postmark deadline
May 15 CAB® Cook Off entry and recipe submission deadline
July 14 - 20 National Junior Angus Show Louisville, KY
July 16 All American Certified Angus Beef Cook Off, NJAS Louisville, KY
July 17 Mid Year Meeting, Social, Activity Louisville, KY
November 1 - 4 National Angus Convention & Trade Show Reno, NV
November 6 - 7 Full Circle Online Auction


American Angus Auxiliary GuidelinesRevised December 2018


(Revised 12/2018)


Section 1.1 The name of the organization shall be the American Angus Auxiliary to the American Angus Association.


Section 2.1 The object of the Auxiliary shall be to have persons interested in the welfare of the Angus breed meet together for educational, promotional, social and other functions appropriate to this organization. It shall be a non-profit organization.


Section 3.1 Members shall be active or honorary.

Section 3.2 Active members are persons who are willing to uphold the purpose of the organization and pay their annual or lifetime dues in advance to the Secretary/Treasurer. They should be willing to serve in any capacity needed.

Section 3.3 Honorary members may be any person who has rendered distinguished service to the organization or to the Angus breed and has been recommended by the Executive Board and elected by the membership at the Annual Meeting. Honorary members may attend all meetings of the organization, shall be exempt from paying dues and cannot hold office or vote unless first having attained active membership status.

Article IV Officers and Regional Directors

Section 4.1 The majority voting at the Annual Meeting shall elect the Officers and the majority voting from each region by mail ballot shall elect the Regional Directors.

Section 4.2 President

  1. Shall preside at all meetings of the organization, Executive Board and Executive Committee meetings.
  2. Appoint a representative for each unorganized State to serve that State on the Executive Board.
  3. Appoint Standing Committees.
  4. Appoint Special Committees as authorized by the Executive Board.
  5. Shall be an ex-officio member of all Committees except the Nominating Committee. 6. See that Committees function as they should and in a timely manner.
  6. Appoint members to fill vacancies in the officer and regional director positions with approval of the Executive Board.
  7. Appoint sufficient Tellers for the Annual elections.
  8. Shall become a member of the Executive Committee and Chair of the Nominating Committee for one year at the expiration of her Presidency.

Section 4.3 Vice-President shall be known as the President-Elect.

  1. Shall automatically become the next President.
  2. Serve in the absence, incapacity or death of the President.
  3. Serve as a member of the Liaison Committee.
  4. Perform such other duties as the President may assign to her. 5. Serve as Chair of the Scholarship Committee.
  5. Comply with the regulations governing finances as stated in Article X of the By-Laws.

Section 4.4 Secretary/Treasurer

  1. Maintain separate accounts: The Secretary's record in one book and the Treasurer's Record in another.
  2. Keep an accurate record of the minutes of the Annual, Regular Executive Board, Executive Committee and special meetings, and send a true and exact copy promptly to all members of Executive Committee and Chair of the Yearbook Committee.
  3. Oversee the activities of the executive treasurer who shall receive, deposit and disperse money as provided and directed by the provisions of Article X.
  4. Oversee the executive treasurer to receive money for dues and receipt for same.
  5. Cooperate with the executive treasurer in keeping an accurate record of the General Fund.
  6. The President and Secretary shall co-operate in arranging the Order of Business for all meetings of the Auxiliary.
  7. Prepare and present an Annual Report at the Annual Meeting and receive and file all annual reports of the Officers and Chair of Committees for further reference. Send or provide one copy to be sent to the Association office in St Joseph, Missouri.
  8. Have the accounts audited at the close of the Fiscal Year and after paying all outstanding bills after the Annual Meeting, turn over the records to her successor within thirty (30) days after election.

Section 4.5 Regional Directors Regional Directors will be elected from the following six regions:

  • Region 1 - Washington, Idaho, Oregon, California, Nevada, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Arizona, Hawaii and Alaska
  • Region 2 - Colorado, New Mexico, Texas and Oklahoma
  • Region 3 - Kansas, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa and Nebraska
  • Region 4 - Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida
  • Region 5 - Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky
  • Region 6 - Delaware, Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont, New York, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia and District of Columbia

Regional Directors shall serve a term of two years but no more than two consecutive terms. In order for terms to be arranged so that no more than three directors' terms shall expire annually and for one term only, the directors from Regions 1, 2 and 3 shall serve a two-year term and the directors from Regions 4, 5 and 6 shall serve a three-year term for those director positions elected in November 2010. Regional Director responsibilities will include:

  1. Assist states without organized Auxiliaries in setting up an organized state Auxiliary.
  2. Recruit members to the American Angus Auxiliary from their region.
  3. Improve communication between the American Angus Auxiliary and state and regional Angus Auxiliaries.
  4. Keep contact lists up to date, i.e. state officer lists and scholarship contacts.
  5. Secure state contacts in all states without organized Auxiliaries.
  6. Attend Annual, Mid-year and Executive Committee meetings.

Article V Meetings

Section 5.1 The Annual Meeting of the American Angus Auxiliary shall be held at the time and place of the Annual Meeting of the American Angus Association.

Section 5.2 Regular Meetings. One meeting shall be held during the National Junior Show.

Section 5.3 Special Meetings. Shall be called by the President or by five (5) members of the Executive Board.

Article VI Executive Board

Section 6.1 Executive Committee. The elected Officers, Regional Directors and the immediate Past President form the Executive Committee of the Executive Board to transact business requiring immediate attention between meetings.

Section 6.2 State or Regional Auxiliary representatives. The President of each state/regional Auxiliary is entitled to serve on the Executive Board, or an appointed representative from that state/region if the President is unable to serve. Representative is appointed by the President of state/region.

Section 6.3 Director at large. Each unorganized state shall have a representative appointed by the American Angus Auxiliary President.

Section 6.4 Chair of all national Committees or in her absence a member of that Committee. Section 6.5 All Past Presidents of the American Angus Auxiliary will be members of the Executive Board.

Section 6.6 Only members of the Executive Board shall have the right to introduce a motion or vote at Executive Board meetings. Any member attending shall have the right of discussion.

ARTICLE VII Standing Committees

Section 7.1 There shall be the following Standing Committees and in addition such other Committees as deemed necessary to carry on the work of the Auxiliary. The Committees will report their activities and any recommended actions related to their Committee to the Executive Board.

Section 7.2 Awards Committee.

  1. In charge of awards given in recognition of junior Angus members' achievements.

Section 7.3 Program Committee.

  1. Plan Programs and make all arrangements for meetings, following guidelines presented by the President.
  2. Select members to serve as hostesses during the Annual Meeting

Section 7.4 Finance Committee.

  1. Shall prepare books for audit by Committee appointed by the President.
  2. Plan and present a budget for the next fiscal year with the members at the annual meeting.
  3. Shall oversee the management of the Scholarship Fund by the Angus Foundation.
  4. The Finance Committee and Executive Board shall review the amount of monies in the Scholarship Fund and its investment with the Angus Foundation on at least an annual basis.

Section 7.5 By-Laws Committee.

  1. Prepare and make available By-Law forms as a guide for State Auxiliaries.
  2. Review By-Laws of the States before they are adopted to prevent conflict with existing national rules.
  3. Review existing By-Laws and recommend changes when necessary.

Section 7.6 Membership Committee.

  1. Should consist of Chair and Vice Chair.
  2. The duties of the Chair shall be to maintain the membership files and collect the dues, transmitting the money to the executive treasurer.
  3. The Vice Chair's duties are to consider, advise and act upon the ways of building and maintaining membership in the Auxiliary.

Section 7.7 Education Committee.

  1. Cooperate with established groups in the distribution of reliable information concerning merits of meat in human diet and beef in particular.
  2. Collect, file and publicize kitchen tested recipes using beef. 3. Educate the public as to the excellence of Angus beef.

Section 7.8 Scholarship Committee.

  1. The Scholarship Committee shall consist of eight members. The President-elect shall be Chair. The eight members shall be appointed by the President and confirmed by the Executive Committee of the Executive Board and shall serve for a period of four (4) years with two retiring and two new members appointed annually. In the event of a vacancy, an individual shall serve only the time represented by the unexpired term of the member the individual was appointed to replace.
  2. The duty of the Committee shall be to conduct the annual National Scholarship contest including the judging of the entries in the contest.
  3. If due to the number of entries or the absence of a member of this Committee the Chair may appoint such additional members to consider and judge the entries as may be reasonably needed with the approval of the President and the Executive Committee.
  4. No scholarship award may be made to the immediate family of any officer of this organization or any member assisting in the judging of the entries.
  5. All monies received for the scholarship fund shall be deposited as provided in Article X and all bills incurred by the scholarship Committee shall be paid from the general fund.
  6. The amount of the scholarship awards and the number of them shall be established each year as follows: The scholarship Committee, upon receipt from the Angus Foundation of an estimate of the income of the funds' interest, shall recommend to the Executive Committee, the number of awards and the amount of money of each award.
  7. It is recognized that the scholarship principal funds were received by this Auxiliary for scholarship purposes only and are therefore dedicated funds to be held for this single purpose.

Section 7.9 Public Relations Committee.

  1. Public Relations Committee will correlate and publicize news items from the State Auxiliaries and cooperate with the American Angus Association's Public Relations Director and Editor of the Angus Journal. The Public Relations Committee shall manage and oversee electronic communications and social media as directed by the Executive Committee.

Section 7.10 Ways and Means Committee.

  1. Fund Raising.
  2. Study and advise on methods of raising funds.
  3. The Chair shall have the Committee's books audited at the close of the fiscal year and after paying all outstanding bills after the Annual Meeting, turn over the records to the successor within thirty (30) days after the Annual Meeting,
  4. The Chair shall comply with the regulations governing finances as stated in Article X of the By-Laws.

Section 7.11 Nominating Committee. See Article VIII below.

Section 7.12 Liaison Committee.

  1. Shall find ways to work more closely with American Angus Association.
  2. Shall cooperate with like organizations of other breeds on matters of mutual interest. 3. The President-Elect shall be a member of this Committee.

Section 7.13 Historian Committee.

  1. Shall keep an Auxiliary Scrapbook of programs, news clippings, pictures and any important events pertaining to the organization.
  2. The scrapbook shall contain an accurate list of State and Regional Auxiliary Officers and the annual report of each State and Regional Auxiliary submitted by printing deadline.

ARTICLE VIII Nominations and Elections Section

8.1 Nomination Committee.

  1. Shall consist of five members no two of whom shall be from the same state; two are elected by the active members at the Annual Meeting and two members elected by the Executive Committee of the Auxiliary before July 1. The Chair shall be the Immediate Past President of the Auxiliary.
  2. Maintain a record during the year of the qualified persons for positions of leadership.
  3. For the election of Regional Directors, the nominating Committee will work with state and/or regional auxiliaries and members to recruit candidates for Regional Director. Members will have the opportunity to nominate a regional director candidate from their respective region. All names of nominees who consent to accept the position and complete an information form will go on the Regional Director ballot. The ballots for each region electing a director will be mailed to the current official list of members in those regions and members will only vote for nominees in their region. The nominee receiving the largest number of votes shall be elected. The nominating Committee Chair is responsible for issuing and counting the returned ballots. The regional director ballots and returned ballots may be provided by U.S. mail, electronic methods or such other method as approved by the Board.
  4. For the election of Officers, shall prepare a ticket of one (1) and not more than two (2) candidates for each officer position to be filled and secure prior consent of all candidates to have their names appear on the ballot.
  5. At the appointed time for the election of the Officers, the Chair shall read the report of the Nominating Committee to the members. The President shall call for nominations from the floor (per Robert's Rules of Order).
  6. For the Officers, the election shall be by ballot and a majority of all ballots cast shall be necessary to elect.
  7. For the election of Officers, the President shall have appointed the Tellers before the meeting. They shall prepare the ballots and pass one to each member and count when all have voted.
  8. For the election of Officers, if there should be but one candidate for each office, candidates shall be declared elected by a motion from the floor.

ARTICLE IX Dues and Fiscal Year

Section 9.1 Dues. Dues to be determined by the Executive Board.

Section 9.2 Fiscal Year. The fiscal year of the American Angus Auxiliary shall be from October 1 to September 30 and the books of the Treasurer shall be closed September 30.

ARTICLE X Finances

Section 10.1 Funds of the American Angus Auxiliary shall be used for necessary operating expenses and constructive work benefiting the American Angus cattle industry.

Section 10.2 Scholarship Fund.

  1. The Angus Foundation will receive and manage the investment on behalf of the American Angus Auxiliary of all American Angus Auxiliary scholarship funds.
  2. All monies received by the American Angus Auxiliary for the Scholarship Fund shall be transferred to the Angus Foundation.

Section 10.3 General Fund.

  1. There shall be a separate account maintained at a bank in St. Joseph, Missouri, in the name of the American Angus Auxiliary General Fund into which all money received by the Auxiliary shall be deposited providing these monies are not intended for the scholarship fund. This money may then be disbursed by check after an authorization of the Executive Committee.
  2. The money received by the Chair of the Ways and Means Committee shall be deposited into the General Fund.

Section 10.4 Educational Awards Fund

  1. The Angus Foundation will receive and manage the investment on behalf of the American Angus Auxiliary for the purpose of funding awards.
  2. All monies received by the American Angus Auxiliary for the Awards Fund shall be transferred to the Angus Foundation.
  3. Any donations to establish a named award or ongoing award in honor or memory of a person will be accepted through an agreement with the Auxiliary. The agreement will specify funding of the award, length of time the award will be given and criteria for the award. Funds will be managed through the American Angus Auxiliary Awards Endowment Fund.

Section 10.5

Should American Angus Auxiliary cease to exist, the balance of all accounts held by the Auxiliary will be turned over to the American Angus Association to be used for the same purpose as originally intended.


Section 11.1 A quorum for the annual, regular and special meetings shall be a majority of the voting members present.

Section 11.2 A quorum of the Executive Board shall consist of those members present including two members of the Executive Committee, totaling not less than six qualified members.

ARTICLE XII Parliamentary Authority

Section 12.1 Robert's Rules of Order Revised shall be the guide on all points not contained in these By-Laws.


Section 13.1 These By-Laws may be amended at the Annual Meeting by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the members present and voting provided notice of the proposed amendment was published in the Angus Journal or members were notified in writing not less than thirty (30) days prior to the Annual Meeting.

Revised December 2018