The Auxiliary By-Laws, Royalty Etiquette Guidelines, Annual Reports and The Auxiliary Post are now available to peruse at your convenience.

The Auxiliary Post

Our newsletter, published twice a year.

Year Spring Fall
2018 Spring 2018.pdf Fall 2018.pdf
2017 Spring 2017.pdf Fall 2017.pdf
2016 Spring 2016.pdf Fall 2016.pdf
2015 Spring 2015.pdf Fall 2015.pdf
2014 Spring 2014.pdf Fall 2014.pdf
2013 Spring 2013.pdf Fall 2013.pdf
2012 Spring 2012.pdf Fall 2012.pdf
2011 Spring 2011 (unavailable) Fall 2011.pdf
2010 Spring 2010.pdf Fall 2010.pdf
2009 Spring 2009 (unavailable) Fall 2009.pdf